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GreenGeeks Coupon- Who doesn’t want to save money with a GreenGeeks coupon!!! GreenGeeks not only offers some of the best green web hosting, but the best web hosting in general. In this GreenGeeks review, Best Hosting 101 is going to discuss all the GreenGeeks features and provide you with a GreenGeeks coupon that includes a GreenGeeks coupon code to help save you $30.00 on GreenGeeks web hosting.

Now you can get some of the best green web hosting at very affordable web hosting prices. GreenGeeks has been around for a few years and is starting to establish themselves as a top web hosting provider. The GreenGeeks reseller hosting is already a top 3 reseller hosting company offering all the tools you need to run a successful reseller hosting business.

GreenGeeks has been around for a few years and a lot of times it is tough for a cheap web hosting company to break it during that time. Luckily for GreenGeeks they had some personnel including Trey Gardner who had a ton of experience in the web hosting industry and knew what it was going to take to be one of the best web hosting providers. The end result was GreenGeeks not messing around with multiple web hosting plans and instead offering one complete unlimited web hosting plan that covers everything you need.

One thing that really makes GreenGeeks stand out is the fact they offer green web hosting. Green web hosting has nothing to do with the features you get but more of what happens back in the office of GreenGeeks. You see, web hosting uses a ton of energy and pollutes the environment. GreenGeeks is very concerned about this so they take extra steps to replace what they use. They purchase energy credits, save energy at work, recycle, and telecommute. This all saves energy and helps the environment. So not only does GreenGeeks offer some of the best web hosting but they also offer some of the best green web hosting.

Best Hosting 101 knows that most of our customers deal in the shared web hosting business so we are only going to discuss the GreenGeeks shared web hosting plan, the same plan that the price has been slashed nearly 40% for the readers of Best Hosting 101.

GreenGeeks offers a complete web hosting package that includes a ton of unlimited web hosting features, free web hosting features, and so much more!!! GreenGeeks doesn’t mess around when it comes to offering you the best web hosting features. They offer you everything you could possibly need. It doesn’t matter if you are running a day spa review site or a camping gear review site; you can host it with confidence on GreenGeeks!

Here are the features of the GreenGeeks web hosting plan:

Unlimited disk space
Unlimited data transfer
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited MySQL databases
Unlimited hosted domains
Free domain name for life
Free customer support
Free set up
Free website builders
FrontPage extensions
Free shopping cart software
Support for merchant accounts

As Best Hosting 101 mentioned in the opening paragraph the GreenGeeks price was recently lowered from $6.95 to $4.95 a month. It gets better because GreenGeeks web hosting has offered the readers of Best Hosting 101 a GreenGeeks coupon code that will save you an additional $30.00 off your GreenGeeks web hosting.

While Best Hosting 101 likes both coupon codes and discount price links, we can see why GreenGeeks web hosting uses coupon codes instead of discount price links. A lot of cheap web hosting providers will use a discount price to only lure you into them. Once the initial term is done, you get hit with a huge surprise when you see the normal monthly cost. Instead of shocking and pissing off their customers, GreenGeeks doesn’t do it that way. With the GreenGeeks coupon you see the normal price of GreenGeeks web hosting and that price will never change for you. During the checkout you have the amount deducted that the GreenGeeks coupon is good for.  All you have to do is click on our official GreenGeeks link and enter “WHRank” at checkout.

GreenGeeks Site- “WHRank”

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